kate (motorized) wrote in iconwhoa,

favorite icons of 2009: meme

In the spirit of year-end lists, I thought this would be a good time to do a meme.

This is a chance where you can post your favorite whoa-worthy icons from 2009 - whether they're made by you or made by somebody else.

It's pretty easy:
1. Post a comment with the icons that have blown you away this year.
2. In your comment, make sure you credit the makers properly. Also try and keep the number of icons to 20 or under. You can post a couple of times if need be.
3. They have to be the ones that have really, really amazed you, not just the ones that you look at and say 'That's pretty decent.' Make sure you tell us why you like them
4. No icon tables/locked content or whatever.

If you pick somebody else's icons, feel free to let them know. Also, pimp this out to your friends! We wanna create a whole big wave of icon love!

Tags: ! meme, whoa! icon
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